Iris Cristal is a Spanish design studio, known for their Bohemia collections of crystal chandeliers.

Each piece creates its own particular sense of emotional value, and each collection is a blend of inspiration, creativity, innovation and tradition.

Discover our best quality hand cut crystal, in clear, colour or blown crystal, These are the result of a perfect combination between our mastery and tradition in the crystal process.


From the beginning the focus was on artisan craftmanship, innovative technology and contemporary design. We design and build our own cutting machines and tools. All our products are manufactured locally in the Czech Republic. We are the most modern glassworks in Europe and manufacture exceptionally clear crystal components and finished products for high-end brands worldwide.

Our craftsmen and engineers combine traditional European glass craftsmanship with innovation & technology.


Manooi is inspired by the natural light around us. As we design and manufacture custom-made crystal chandeliers our goal is to re-create this harmonious, positive natural light within individual homes and public buildings.

"Light forms space - as an architect I work with light sources as determining elements of a given space." János Héder lead designer.

We're passionate about bringing light to you in its purest form.


These are the values embodied by Panzeri, that has been producing lighting fixtures for over 65 years, selling the Made in Italy in the most exclusive spots all over the world.

Lamps manufactured with care and attention to details, designed to illuminate and embellish indoor and outdoor spaces, with multiple stylish solutions.

Panzeri lamps are the ideal choice of Architects, Interior Designers and creatives who intend to provide quality illumination in private and public spaces.



Euro Nouveau is a bespoke showroom concept showcasing the designs of some of the foremost European lighting manufacturers in a luxurious space at the Eurolux Head Office in Cape Town.

Euro Nouveau presents the work of 12 to 14 hand-selected lighting designers, ranging from classics by Fontana Arte to the quirky pieces of modern Italian brand Slamp. The showroom's custom design creates a stage for each brand's work, showing off its unique functionality and style, while seamlessly complementing the other pieces in the space.


Improving experiences and lifestyles. Technology and materials adding value to Concept and Design. We search for the beauty in experiences, combining advanced technology with outstanding materials.

The Quadrifoglio Group is the ideal choice for anyone who recognises the importance of unique and timeless pieces with enduring style. A return to our roots, from skilled craftsmanship to hands-on experience with materials that has otherwise been forgotten.


We offer high quality lamps, where an artisan's eye to detail would meet the excellence of industrial production. Products made with patented and innovative materials, that were going to be unique and immediately recognisable.

A perfect marriage between inspiration from the great masters and visionary force, great passion and undeniable skills.

Because what matters to SLAMP is to overcome itself. Always.


The company's claim sums up its fascination for and commitment to light. When developing its innovative models the firm allows itself the luxury of slowing down: Only when the perfect interplay of light, technology and design has been found and a luminaire developed to which nothing can be added and nothing taken away is it produced. The result: luminaires that have visibly been completely thought through.


FARO has been delighting design lovers with their lighting and fan designs for over sixty years. Early days saw them making flex desk lamps, but they've grown and evolved since then and now specialise in other lines of business too.

Their comprehensive line of ceiling fans is designed, developed and tested in their very own in-house laboratory. These distinctive, innovative designs blend high-quality materials with LED lighting technology.

  Latest News


Nuvem wins 2020 Golden A’
August 2020


Designer Spotlight
May 2020


Designer Profile
26 February 2020


Floral Inspired Lighting
June 2019

Nuvem wins 2020 Golden A’

Nuvem wins 2020 Golden A’ Design Award

Nuvem, the luminous modular system designed by Portuguese architect Miguel Arruda in collaboration with Slamp, has been presented with the 2020 Golden A’ Design Award in the Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design category. This prestigious award is given to only 3% of the products already recognised for their exemplary design.

The 2019 Salone del Mobile set the stage for Nuvem’s international launch, showcasing the lighting brand and architect’s artistry in creating not just a light but a modular ceiling of sorts. Nuvem is the result of the symbology Arruda applied to a sculpture in 1980, masterfully transformed by Slamp’s R&D team. Comprising folded and jointed meter-long hexagonal sections, this masterpiece offers endless composition possibilities as the components can be connected infinitely. Described as a ‘ceiling’ or ‘floating landscape’, Nuvem is illuminated by bi-directional GU10 spotlights. This dramatic luminaire can also be installed vertically down a wall.

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Designer Spotlight



Benjamin Hopf - Serien

German native, Benjamin Hopf was born in Hamburg but moved to the USA after high school in 1990 to study Design at the Miami International University of Art & Design. He then moved back to Germany in 1992 to study Industrial Design at Polytechnic University Munich. He co-founded Design Studio Büro für Form in his final year of studies, with the focus being lighting, furniture, interior design, industrial design, product design and graphic design. Hopf then left Büro für Form in 2007 to open his own studio, Design Studio Benjamin Hopf. He has worked with a number of esteemed clients including German lighting brand Karboxx for which he produced Pan Am. Aptly named after the airline due to its streamlined, brushed aluminium design, Pan Am is a simple yet straightforward lamp with a tiltable and rotatable head.


Studio Job - Slamp


Studio Job was founded in 2000 by couple, Job Smeets and Nynke Tynagel after they graduated from the Dutch Design Academy in Eindhoven. The pair took a Renaissance approach in establishing the studio and use a combination of traditional and modern techniques. These contemporary pioneers of personal expression incorporate technique, science, and ornamental designs into their work. Smeets describes their work as ‘new Gothic’, while Tynagel likens it to ‘a symphony orchestra where a cohesive piece of music is created from an abundance of different sounds’. Studio Job’s Lighting Archives collection was inspired by Slamp’s iconic Tube which was first produced in the nineties. The collection comprises 7 lamps - Labyrinth, Love Peace Joy, Perished, Peace Skull, Faena Art, Bananas, and L’Afrique.


David Dolcini - Karboxx


Born in Milan, David Dolcini’s approach to design has been shaped by his educational and professional experiences abroad. He studied at Milan Polytechnic and then worked as a design project manager in Italy, as well as several other countries. In 2007 Dolicini opened his own firm, David Dolcini Studio. With a shared vision and sensitivity to design, a collaboration between Dolcini and Karboxx was a natural progression, with Dolcini first being introduced to the Karboxx brand over 10 years ago at a trade show. Mirage is Dolcini’s creation for Karboxx and reflects the relationship between the indoors and outdoors. This dynamic suspension luminaire changes form depending on the angle it’s observed from.

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Designer Profile


Harry and Camila are the creative minds behind Fontana Arte’s Bolla hanging lamp, a clear glass iridescent pendant light that resembles a soap bubble. Harry, an industrial designer who hails from the Netherlands, is a graduate of the Design Academy in Eindhoven. Camilla, born in Chile and raised in Mexico, boasts a degree in fashion design.  The now-married pair first met during a Masters course at the Domus Academy in Milan and in 1998 they opened their own firm, the Harry and Camila studio. Their designs are a blend of Dutch-free spirit and Latin sensuality and they’ve become famous for their futuristic creations that arise from experimentation with materials and surfaces.



János Héder and Judit Zoltai founded Inarchi in 1996 as a departure from their firstborn lighting brand, Manooi. With the latter being a world-class premium-class crystal chandelier house, the Hungarian artist/designer couple set out to establish a new line of lighting that delivered both intellectual appeal and emotional content while respecting traditional forms, shapes, and materials. Their creations for Inarchi embrace LED technology and serve as functional, aesthetic solutions to lighting challenges. Inarchi designs excel in the challenging art of minimalism and can be described as sleek, graceful and uncluttered.



Famous for her intensely futuristic architecture, Iraqui-British architect Zaha Hadid was a visionary in the design world. Her work is characterised by curving façades, sharp angles, and materials such as concrete and steel. The Pritzker Architecture Prize winner designed two dramatic pendant lights for Slamp - the Avia and the Aria. Presented at Euroluce during Salone del Mobile 2013, these enchanting creations combine dramatic architectural features with seemingly intrinsic weightlessness. Hadid sadly passed away in 2016 having left an indelible mark on the design world. There is no doubt that her work, inspired by architecture, landscape and geology, will continue to be celebrated for years to come. Described as one of the world’s greatest architects, she was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2012 and was once named as one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world.

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Floral Inspired Lighting

Whether it be freshly cut flowers placed in a vase or floral printed scattered cushions on your couch, the mere sight of these colourful blooms immediately adds an element of life to a room. From textiles to lighting, designers have been paying ode to mother nature for years. If you're looking for ways to bring an organic element into your space then consider a design from Euro Nouveau's range of floral-inspired luminaires.

Fontana Arte
At just 24cm tall and with a diameter of 15cm, Blom by Andreas Engesvik for Fontana Arte is an easy to move, fun little table lamp that is guaranteed to add a touch of whimsy wherever it is placed. Its name is inspired by its petal-shaped blades and is a contraction of the word 'blomst', which means flower in Norwegian. Available in an array of colours, Blom has a compact fluorescent bulb that provides effective lighting with low energy consumption. The Giova table lamp by Gae Aulenti for Fontana Arte is a multifunctional design piece. It serves as a source of light and a flower vase simultaneously. Giova consists of a transparent bowl containing a sphere of white opal glass, positioned on a metal base. Placed above is a smaller bowl which serves as a vase.

Poppy from Serien is available as a ceiling lamp, floor lamp, suspension lamp, table lamp and wall lamp. Turn the lamp on and behold the 'poppy flowers' awakening. Their shades open up gradually when heated due to expansion. Poppy has a flexible, textile coated stem that can be bent however you wish to change the direction of the light. Select Poppy in a colour to suit your style - it's available in black, violet, red, or ceramic.


Inspired by flora and fauna, Slamp's Woody floor lamp has a light oak base that reflects the knots and veining of the shade. Woody is minimalist in design yet has strong, graphics elements, making it a unique piece to add to any room in need of light, shape, and decor.

Iris Cristal
Beautifully bold in design, Apollo from Iris Cristal is a Murano glass flower chandelier. This statement-making luminaire has 30 'branches' and is available in colours such as black, white, clear, honey, purple and turquoise. Iris Cristal's other floral-inspired offering is the Calista Flush chandelier. Calista Flush will no doubt serve as an artistic focal point wherever it is placed and boasts 17 intricately shaped flower petals. This exquisite luminaire is available in glass shades of clear, honey, purple, white and frosted.

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June 2019


Euro Nouveau brands
June 2019


Gold, glitter and great a
June 2019


Illuminate to enhance
February 2019


Minimalism is an art form and in decor it is expressed in uncluttered design, monochromatic palettes, geometric shapes and clean lines. When it comes to lighting in particular, less is more and statements can be made with luminaires in simplistic shapes with pared-back lines. Euro Nouveau boasts an extensive collection of fine European lighting, some of which embody the very essence of the minimalist movement.

Of all the manufacturers in the collection, Inarchi epitomises minimalism best. Their vision of creating lighting that exists in a pure, minimal state can be seen in all of their designs. The Hexan is a hexagonal suspension lamp with LED lights and is made from either bronze, glass or painted steel. Arc is a rectangular aluminium profile system with high-performance LED lights. This highly versatile luminaire consists of an array of straight and curved lines. Rutil is one of Inarchi's award-winning designs that can be suspended as an individual drop or as a cluster, and is a hexagonal suspension aluminium suspended light with an ultra-compact, high intensity LED light.

Fontana Arte is an Italian lighting brand that creates lighting fixtures that are clean and contemporary while still being decorative. Their 10 + wall and table lamp designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune is extremely functional and has a flexible light source. It's available in mirrored and burnished metal finishes. Their Apex wall lamp by designer Karim Rashid has an elegant, streamlined design and an eye-shaped centre. Each end of the luminaire tapers off and almost disappears into its surroundings, while still emitting a powerful blade of light.

Panzeri values quality and innovation in their designs. This can be seen in the Ypsilon, a brass bar wall lamp, slim and elegant in design. The lamp body aims an acute angle slightly away from the wall casting a pleasant indirect light. The award-winning Viisi is a pentagon-based lamp inspired by the javelin used in athletics. It's available in two lengths with direct lighting and indirect lighting. Their Brooklyn Line is another design that exemplifies simplistic design. This fixture consists of a suspended LED in extruded aluminium, painted white or black with a reflector and screen.

And then there is LID from Serien. A discreet design object by day, this wall lamp morphs into a spherical light at night and is available in genuine opal glass, silver-colored or champagne-colored aluminum or mirror glass.

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Euro Nouveau brands


Slamp came to life in 1994 as Robert Ziliani's vision to add novelty to the Italian lighting arena in a brand that merges the artisan's quest for detail with the excellent quality of industrial production.

Today Slamp is creative, experimental brand, daring in its pursuit to remain both accessible and authentic. For the designers that work with the brand it has offered a platform for expressing their creativity with the freedom to be bold and adventurous.

A material curiosity in evident in many of Slamp's designs, with the brand having patented a number of innovative materials. Slamp is, arguably, one of the most representative brands in the world and as worked with the likes of starchitect Zaha Hadid, Nigel Coates, Alessandro Mendini and Bruno Rainaldi.


The combination of cutting-edge design, technological innovation and outstanding materials work together in Karboxx's bespoke creations that fuse modern functionality with timeless and enduring style.

For this Italian brand it is about creating light, and more light with skilled craftsmanship and unconventional materials.

Technological advancements allow for the use of translucent and reflective materials that are lightweight, yet strong, and ideal for the creation of decorative items that create interesting frequencies with light and shadow to define a space in a new and unexpected way.

Some of the more prolific designers that have worked with Karboxx include Fabio Flora, Serena Papait and David Dolcini. The designer takes on the role of an alchemist, blending different aesthetics and identities for a new, more mindful approach to lighting.


Italian brand Ivela has been producing bespoke Italian light fittings since 1986. They're passionate about investing in research and innovation, and constantly strive for higher quality product, faster turnaround times and a more competitive supply and service offering.

Ivela regularly collaborates with renowned designers and credit the analysis, state-of-the-art technology and customisation as factors key to the worldwide success they enjoy as a partner-manufacturer for full-spectrum lighting solutions.


Architectural lighting brand Lombardo combines fine aesthetics with technical expertise to create lighting solutions for both domestic and commercial applications, designed to the highest standards and using the finest materials.

Innovation has always been a key part of the company's approach to lighting, as they work to ensure their designs remain fit-to-purpose.

Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes is an iconic South African designer whose high-end home and lifestyle designs have been coveted by discerning buyers across the world for more than 25 years.

For Euro Nouveau, Carrol and her team have turned some of her most iconic designs into an exquisite range of floor, table, wall sconces and pendant lights. The pieces are simultaneously distinctly African and quintessentially Carrol Boyes.


The ultimate in light artistry manifests in the Manooi's superior crystal chandeliers.

The magnificence of the chandelier is embodied in the glory of the display and its ability to add a timeless grandeur and grace to any interior.

This Hungarian brand is a foremost designer and manufacturer of custom-made, high-end crystal chandeliers. The pieces are inspired by natural light, with the vision to recreate the harmoniousness of light as it flows into built environments.

Considered lighting can create a uniquely personal universe, drawing on timeless appeal of natural light sources.

Serien Lighting

Serien Lighting's range of luminaires are as technically sophisticated as they are aesthetically intriguing. For some 30 years now the German brand has been merging new lighting technology and design innovations to create elaborate, yet highly functional, lighting solutions.

The brand takes great care in the development of new products, working until they perfect the combination of light, technology and design to the point where it cannot be developed any further, does it go to market. In this way Serien ensures that their enthusiasm for the future of lighting comes alive anew with the launch of every new product.

Fontana Arte

Counted among the Italian lighting heavyweights, Fontana Arte has been lighting up homes since the 1930s, with some of their earliest designs still being the most popular.

Best known for their classic designs, the brand creates clean, contemporary pieces that are quintessentially Italian and work as well in residential spaces as they do in commercial environments.

Many Fontana Arte pieces are today regarded as collector's items and sit in museum and gallery collections around the world, including the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The brand maintains that it is the clean shapes and neutral designs that have given the pieces a "certain timelessness that has maintained design relevance over time".

Fontana Arte has collaborated with some of world's leading designers, including Shigeru Ban, Max Igrand, Karim Rashid, Paolo Zani and many more.


Quality, tradition and innovation are just some of the values embodied in the Panzeri brand, that has been producing lighting fixtures in Italy for more than 65 years.

The choice of architects, interior designers and creatives, Panzeri products are characterised by a keen attention to design and manufacturing detail that offer multitude of stylish solutions that both illuminate and embellish.

Iris Cristal

A blend of inspiration, creativity, innovation and tradition work together in the bespoke collection of crystal chandeliers by Spanish design studio Iris Cristal.

Each piece works to create its own particular emotional value in various environments.

At the factory, situated in the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, the brand produces new designs every six months that combine the artisanal traditions of the finest craftsmanship with the most innovation technology and modern production processes.

Each chandelier is designed to embody the essence of a long tradition - it's about a timeless aesthetic rather than a passing trend. What's more, the magnificence of hand-cut crystal is always waiting to be discovered and experienced in an Iris Cristal piece.


The manufacture of high-quality crystal products designed by top international designers and glass artists is the mission of Czech lighting brand Bomma.

Working from ultra-modern facilities, the production of classic handcrafted products takes place in seamless integration with sophisticated glass cutting technologies.

Intrinsic to Bomma products is an added artistic value that clearly sets it apart from mass produced glassware.


A sub-brand of the iconic Hungarian brand Manooi, Inarchi presents a clean, minimalist aesthetic coupled with high functionality and intriguing design.

Inarchi comprises a line of lighting elements that seek to bring more light to more spaces, while showcasing the creativity and imagination of the designers. In realising this vision the brand experiments with new tools and materials. Ultimately the craftsmanship results in an uncluttered design - simple and beautiful.

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Gold, glitter and great a

It's true that not all that glitters is gold but a little bit of sparkle and shine also never did any harm. The glitter and gold adage is particularly true when it comes to lighting and design awards.

The Euro Nouveau collection of bespoke lighting from top European brands and manufacturers include a number of products that have fetched some of the world's top design prizes.

Time and time again brands like Slamp, Fontana Arte, Inarchi and Karboxx are awarded some of the most coveted forms of recognition in the industry for their innovative design, superior functionality and cutting-edge innovation.

While awards are not the only motivating factor for including the light in the Euro Nouveau collection, it does offer insight into the prevailing sentiment around trends and customer needs and desires.

These awards are typically judged by an all-star cast of design and innovation experts that lend the necessary gravitas to these prizegivings.

While the aesthetics of the lights are a key consideration for recognition, none of these prizes are awarded on visual appeal alone. The structural functionality, incorporation of the latest technology, and the considerate use of materials are also important factors that are considered before a design is awarded one of these desirable titles.

The Euro Nouveau collection has received awards across the world, from Brazil to Spain, Italy, the UK, China and more, which means that Euro Nouveau really does offer the discerning South African client a world-class, award-winning selection of luminaires.

Brightest stars

Some of the more noteworthy awards the Euro Nouveau products have received include the Red Dot Design Award, the ArchiExpo I-Novo Award and the Wallpaper Design Award.

The i-Novo Awards, for example, seek to reward creativity, recognise innovation and celebrate sustainability by awarding those products that improve the architecture and design industry's standards through innovation. In 2016 Italian brand Karboxx's ZERO1 Suspended Lamp, designed by Princic and Righi Architects, was awarded third place in the design category of this award.

Presented by the Design Zentrum Nordrheim Westfalen in Germany, the Red Dot Award is, arguably, one of the best-known and most significant awards in the international design industry. Euro Nouveau is thus proud to count a number of Red Dot Winners, including Inarchi's Ray Wall Lamp, among its lights.

Then there are those products that win in multiple categories at various awards. One such example is the Jackie Clamp Light, designed by Enzo Panzeri. Jackie has recently been recognised through a number of awards, including the Good Design Award 2016 awarded by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design, the German Design Award Special Mention 2016 awarded by the German Design Council, the iF Design Award 2016 (Germany) and the Premios Delta ADI 2016 awarded by the ADI-FAD, Industrial Design Association of the Promotion of Arts and Design in Spain.

From Spain to South America, the Objeto:Brasil Awards acknowledge the role of global design production and its significance within the context of the creative economy. The UK-based Wallpaper* Design Awards, meanwhile, "anoints the people, places and particular things of the year", which means this award typically offers some insight into current trends, tastes and styles.

It is also true that tastes and styles differ across markets and continents, while an appreciation of fine design and quality craftsmanship is more universal.

The inclusion of products that have won the Home Style Award in China, for example, ensures the Euro Nouveau collection is truly inclusive and representative.

And more

Here are just some of the awards that some of the Euro Nouveau pieces have won!



  • Good Design Award 2016 awarded by the The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design
  • German Design Award Special Mention 2016 awarded by the German Design Council
  • iF Design Award 2016 (Germany)
  • Premios Delta ADI 2016 (Spain) awarded by ADI-FAD, Industrial Design Association of the Promotion of Arts and Design

Rings Collection - German Design Award Special Mention 2017 awarded by the German Design Council


  • Flora by Zanini de Zanine - Adi Design Index Award, Italy (2015) & IDEA Award Brasil (2014)
  • Mirage by Manuel Wijffels - Adi Design Index Award, Italy (2016)
  • Chantal by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas - German Design Award (2016) & Clorosphere Award, France (2016)
  • Hugo by the Slamp Team - Wallpaper Design Award, UK (2016)
  • Aria Gold by Zaha Hadid - Home Style Awards, China (2016)
  • Aria by Zaha Hadid - Euipo DesignEuropa, Italy (2016)
  • Aria Transparent by Zaha Hadid - Blueprint Award, UK (2015)


  • ZERO1 Suspended Lamp by Princic and Righi - iNovo Award Design Category (third place) (2016)


  • Ray Wall Lamp - Dot Award: Product Design (lighting and lamp category)


  • Curling Ceiling Light - Iconic Award for Interior Innovation awarded by the German Design Council (2016) & Internationaler Designpreis Baden-W�rttemberg awarded by Design Center Baden-W�rttemberg, Stuttgart (2016)

Fontana Arte

  • Volee by Odo Fioravanti - Interior Design Best of Year Honoree (2016)
  • Io by Claesson Koivisto Rune - Interior Design Best of Year Honoree (2016) & Archiproducts Design Awards, Best of Category (2016) & ADI Design Index Award (2016)
  • Igloo by Studio Klass - Red Dot Design Award (2015)


  • TIM by Olgoj Chorchoi - Red Dot Design Award (2016)
  • IGNIS by Eduard Herrmann - Red Dot Design Award (2016)

Be sure to keep an eye on the Euro Nouveau website, Facebook page and Instagram feed for beautiful images, interesting news and product insights on the most majestic collection of bespoke, high-end luminaires.

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Illuminate to enhance

Four Important lighting considerations

We may be some way into the new year already but now is as good a time as any to rethink the lighting in your space to illuminate for optimal effect.

Much like clothing and interiors, you don't notice the lighting when it is done right, but it shines rather brightly (into your eyes!) when it is done wrong.

There are a number of boxes to be ticked, or factors to consider, when selecting the right lighting for a space. A chandelier can work in a bathroom and oversized pendants can be stunning in a kitchen nook, provided its part of a considered approach to the overall lighting in the room.

The in-house lighting experts here at Euro Nouveau have identified some key points that need to be taken into account when selecting the right lighting for a space.


Who wants practical when they can have elegant or luxurious? Well actually, the right kind of elegance is ultimately practical.

The first and foremost function of lighting is to illuminate so make sure that's what it does. Versatility can be as important as practicality, and you're looking at both in the form of the Curling LED Suspension Lamp by German brand Serien. This piece is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, which means it can be customised to complement the existing look and feel of a space.

When practical meets playful it is especially interesting, like in the case of the Margaret Table Lamp by Fontana Arte. This lamp has a support bag, made of leather and available in black or brown, that holds it steady and can be placed on the back of sofa or anywhere that is comfortable.

Use of space

Space optimisation is one of the cornerstones of considered design. Start by asking what the space is used for. If the spare room doubles up as a home office then the lighting needs to follow suit. Similarly, if the kitchen is your preferred spot for socialising then you need to ensure that there is a layer of ambient lighting to facilitate this.

The Viisi Suspension and Standing Lamp by Panzeri is an excellent example of a piece that makes very efficient use of space.

Available as a both a suspension and a floor lamp, the Viisi has a pentagonal section in folded and carved aluminium. The suspended version is ideal as part of a layered approach to lighting in a space, while the floor lamp can be used as a task lamp or for accent lighting. Its unusual form makes a statement piece of it too.


Style never goes out of fashion. When it comes to selecting lighting, opting for timelessness over trendiness is always a good idea. Timeless design has an aesthetic quality to it that makes it relevant for decades. It can be difficult to predict which designs will stand the test of time, which is why it is useful to either consult an expert or opt for a piece that already holds the timeless status.

Italian lighting stalwarts Fontana Arte are known for their designs that have proved to stand the test of time. Perhaps not classic as yet, but certainly embodying the features of a classic design, is the Pinecone Suspension Lamp by Paola Novane. The blown glass diffuser is made using the ancient technique of caged blown glass. The end result is a classic aesthetic with an element of surprise.

Artistry and opulence

But just because lighting has a job to do doesn't mean it shouldn't look good doing so. Almost all the pieces in the Euro Nouveau collection demonstrate some form of artistry, often with more than a touch of opulence.

Importantly, functional and practicality is never what is sacrificed to achieve this, which is also what ensures this collection is a world-class league of its own.

The artistry of the Mirage suspended lamp by David Dolcini for Karboxx is best described by the designer himself: "I wanted to encapsulate strong dynamism inside a timeless object with elegant, feminine proportions." This artistry is also evident is the relationship between the inner and outer finishes that create the perception of the light, and the lamp itself, changing around the position of the observer.

Doing it right can transform the look and feel of the space, and by extension the use of that space. Make it cosy, make it practical, make it stunning by simply choosing the right lighting.

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  Proud Elegance

Euro Nouveau is a bespoke showroom concept showcasing the designs of some of the foremost European lighting manufacturers in a luxurious space at the Eurolux Head Office in Cape Town.

Euro Nouveau presents the work of 12 to 14 hand-selected lighting designers, ranging from classics by Fontana Arte to the quirky pieces of modern Italian brand Slamp. The showroom's custom design creates a stage for each brand's work, showing off its unique functionality and style, while seamlessly complementing the other pieces in the space.

Stepping into Euro Nouveau is not unlike browsing the fantastical collections at some of Europe's foremost lighting shows. From elegant styles of the 1930s and 40s to ultra-modern architectural designs, Euro Nouveau presents a carefully curated selection that ranges from the Bohemian Crystal Chandeliers of Iris Cristal to the natural inspired designs of Manooi and the minimalist work of Inarchi, working collectively to form a space that is as sophisticated as it is innovative.


It was important to Eurolux to have a South African brand represented in the new space too. It found a strategic creative partner in Carrol Boyes, the renowned local designer whose high-end home and lifestyle designs have been coveted by discerning buyers across the world for more than 25 years.

The Euro Nouveau collection caters to every taste and style, from sophisticated old-world inspired pieces in crystal and glass, to modern architectural styles in marble, chrome and steel. The diversity is not limited to the styles and materials, but also embodied in the colours of the pieces. Whether it's a toned down, natural palette you're after, or a striking pop of colour in a statement piece, Euro Nouveau has considered nearly every aesthetic.



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